A Method for Studying MBE Questions

Re: Looking for a few good examples
Posted by: Scott
Date: December 2, 2005 10:11AM

I can solve your problem “in four notes.”

Get the BarBri MBE questions and use these questions as mini-essays. In other words, do NOT look at the options!!!! This will only serve as a crutch to prompt your memory of some of the elements and will hurt rather than help.

Using the call of the question, comose a brief fact-to-element outline as you would if this were an essay question. However, given the narrow focus of the call of the question, each question will be a very short essay so you won’t get bogged down.

The reason for using the BarBri questions is that, viewed from the perspective of a mini-essay, BarBri’s narrative answers almost always provide a full fact to element analysis. PMBR’s answers are more limited and conclusory.

Trust me, if you do not cheat, you will feel like you are waling a tightrope without a net! But this exercise will isolate what rules of law you have memorized and what rules you have not memorized. The outlining requirement avoids “rationalizing” that you “coulda/woulda/shoulda”. Thus, do the short outline and then check it against the BarBri answer. If you get it wrong, do it over again and again, until the rights words are flowing from your pen onto the paper.

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